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Clients constantly let us know how much they appreciate our work. The only thing that is better is when a new client tells us they found out about us from someone else. For us, referrals are the ultimate compliment, as they let us and you know we're good at what we do.

Tri-Valley Registry was started by Bill Bradley in 1987.  "I was working at Westlake Medical Center, a night shift, and man, was I tired.  The registry personnel coming in to relieve me was a 'no show' and when I tried to call the company, I just got an answering service.  That's when I said, "Hey, I can do a better job than this!"  I vowed to have a 24/7 service that would be run by experienced respiratory therapists.  We talk shop, identify problems and recognize needs much better than someone hired to give you "an amazing experience."

For over 30 years and many years to come, we will continue to provide jobs for respiratory therapists and help our facilities with staffing.  We actually do care!

"When it comes to Respiratory Staffing Agencies, Community Memorial Health System  always chooses Tri Valley Registry.  They are reliable, dependable and easy to work with.  Tri-Valley sends knowledgeable and courteous staff that adapt to any situation.  If there are ever any issues, Bill takes care of them in an efficient and professional manner.  Tri-Valley has always been the best about filling our Respiratory staffing needs."

 Jeff Shadden, Director Respiratory Services   Community Memorial Health System

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